Geos Institute

Room Rental Request

To submit a rental request please first check your preferred date and time is available

Next, complete the form below to submit your rental request.

Please note that we can only accommodate requests that are 8 days away or more.

We cannot promise to respond in time to any request for a sooner date.

If you would like a recurring rental, please complete the form below using the first date of your rental series and send an email to with the remaining dates.

Rental Details

Room Cost

  • $45 for a weekday evening (M-F), or for up to 4 hours on Saturday or Sunday
  • $90 for more than 4 hours up to all day Saturday or Sunday

After years of no price increases, we have decided to increase our rental rates to more fully cover the costs of maintaining the space and because wireless internet is now included with every rental.


  • Wireless internet (password provided upon payment)
  • 50 assorted chairs (folding and non-folding)
  • 3 sandwich boards to display signs outside
  • Restrooms and water fountain
  • Central AC and heat


  • No rentals before 5pm during the week (M-F)
  • No open flames. Ever.
  • No modification to artwork on the walls
  • No kitchen facility or green room

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